Torchbearers Membership

Founded in 2012, a little group was collected by the founder for the purpose of addressing male health issues, particularly in Afro-American males. The organization wanted to send a positive message that there is hope after such a crisis occurs. We want to garner these families who are affected by those who have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

We at the National Minority Torchbearers Prostate Cancer Consortium welcome the opportunity to be a collaborative resource for Prostate Cancer. All persons who participate will do so on a goodwill basis. The organization does not compensate its members.

[title size=”2″]What We Do[/title]

Networking is one way to insure proper dissemination of information and participation of the National Medical Association, Religious/Church groups, along with a series of support meetings at different churches. The long term goal will be to erect a multipurpose complex for male health. Such a facility will house all facets of education, screening and testing.